What People Are Saying

Parent- Marla Osner, Parent

“INVEST in your Child and their future.

Our son James absolutely loves coming to Rising Stars Camp. Ron and his team make the kids feel so welcome. They are huge on the safety of the kids in terms of heat safety, having trainers on hand for minor injuries, and safety overnight in the dorms. There are strict curfews and staff maintain control over the dorms well.
This program is run like a tight ship. Ron has a no nonsense policy and it is followed to a T. These kids learn respect, extreme ownership and responsibility, team work and so much more. Ron and his team focus on education as a foundation for growth and then education for the sport itself.
There are so many incredible athletes and coaches that come back each year to help train the boys, and inspire them to be better humans, better students, better teammates, better athletes and more. Ron instills in these kids its not just about the game. They need to INVEST in themselves every day, in every aspect of their lives.
We had the pleasure of speaking with a housekeeper while picking up our son. She commented that the kids are the most respectful and cleanest of all the camps that come through during the summer and even the college kids in the dorms EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!! This is a testament to Ron and his team. If you are looking to INVEST in your child, and their future, check out Rising Stars Football, they will come home changed and better for the experience!”
Parent- Celia P.
“My son attended the camp this summer for the first time and had a great time! Coach Ron runs an excellent program with a strong focus on well rounded student athletes. My son made friends from all over and loved the experience of staying on campus. We’ll be back for sure next year!”

Parent- David M.
“Such a great football camp. My son has participated in 3 regional Rising Stars Football camps and loved every minute he was at the camps!!! The coaches absolutely awesome, they have all played the game and extremely knowledgeable. This year I think my boy is ready for the big camp up at Millersville!! Ron Johnson and his crew do a fantastic job at this camp and are great role models as well!!!”

Parent- Gregery M.
“My son DeMarcus Murray aka MrStickyHands loved everything about the camp, he said he met a lot of kids from different areas and learned alot from the camp … he wants to attend the camp every year he said ”

Parent- Jeromy S.
“My son had and amazing time at the Millersville camp looking forward to going back next year Learned how to be a better player on the field but most importantly learned how to be a better player off the field”

Parent- Barry C.

“All the coaches are super professional and really know their stuff! RSFA is A team material all the way”

Parent- Jeff B.
“Wonderful staff, great exposure with coaches who genuinely care about the kids!! These guys know what it takes to be successful!”

Parent- Joan S.
“Great Coaches, Great Energy, Great Experience. 100% Recommended!”

Former Camper- Jake B. Florida Southern University Former Rising Stars Football Academy Camper of 6 years

“Hey Ron, no need to call back. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me through my years in high school. You truly have prepared me for everything we are doing here and I am succeeding in the classroom, at practice, and the lifts mostly thanks to you. I can’t wait to get back to work when I get home. Appreciate everything you’ve done.”

Jack S. Sacred Heart University Football LB- Rising Stars Football Academy Coach of 2 years
“I just wanted to thank you for working with me this past year. I learned a lot both about football and life from you and I am excited to get back to work next summer and over Christmas break. Thanks for everything!”

Zach Manning Stevenson University QB- Former Rising Stars Football Academy Camper 7 Years

“My exceptional experiences include learning valuable life lessons that have molded and developed me into the person I am today. A successful student athlete that is motivated by goals and driven to be the best person I can be.

I’ve always had a passion to play sports. I became infatuated with football in the fourth grade, when at the time I wasn’t a stellar student. I always completed my work, but rarely took it seriously. I was to the point where I disliked going to school. Then an exceptional experience changed my outlook on education. The summer prior to sixth grade, I attended former pro football player Ron Johnson’s camp where he talked about his life’s journey as a student athlete.
As a senior in high school Coach Johnson was one of the top football players in the country, however his accomplishments on the field were shadowed by his poor grades. He put all his effort into football and ignored his studies. When it was time to research colleges Coach Johnson was being recruited by the top colleges in the country however after reviewing his transcript, he was denied by them all. It was a struggle but he eventually was accepted by a less desirable college. Coach Johnson summed up his seminar by saying “you can be the best athlete in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t apply yourself in the classroom.” This made a huge impact in my life and completely changed my perspective of education.

As I started middle school, I realized what was truly at stake. In order to meet my goals I needed to be well rounded in athletics as well as academics. I began setting goals on the football field and in the classroom. It became apparent, if I maintain the same level of attitude and passion for my academics as I do football, success will always be the outcome. Over time my attitude towards my goals has become almost obsessive. Whenever I want to accomplish something, I go out and give it my all. This exceptional experience has provided me with a lasting sense of discipline and motivation to be successful.
Not only did football shape who I am as a student but more importantly as a person. During my high school football career, I earned the title as a three-year starting quarterback and two-year team captain. As the quarterback, I was responsible for providing the leadership inherent in my position. I made necessary sacrifices and embraced the hard work involved with being the leader my team needed. I grew to love the pressure of my position and being a role model for other players and the community. Being the leader, all eyes were always on me. I knew my actions and words would represent our team. As the leader, I learned effective and honest communication were paramount in developing trust and respect with each member of the team. Over time this brought the team together and formed a bond that made us significant to each other’s success. As a result, the coaches empowered me to fix problems within the team. This exceptional experience allowed me to endure the pressure of leading 53 teammates, to a 25-6 record over 3 years while maintaining a 4.1 GPA.

I am confident, my exceptional experiences and life lessons learned on the football field and in the classroom combined with resources and opportunities provided by Stevenson University will set me up on an extremely successful career path in actuarial science. As well as further develop me into an outstanding role model and citizen.”

Parent- Molly and Brian B.

“Coach Johnson, I just wanted to express gratitude to you and your staff for all your hard work in preparing for the camp, coaching the boys, and feeding their minds and bodies with the knowledge that will make them not only better athletes, but better young men.

My son Liam, was a commuter camper, but talked a lot about what he learned during the day. He is an introvert, but athletics has always been his way to break out of his shell for a bit.

During this camp experience, Liam came home motivated every night. When he got home each evening, he’d either go grab his football and head to the back yard, or he’d grab his lacrosse stick and try some of the football defensive footwork/moves as a lacrosse player. I love that he’s not a one-sport kid and that he’s incorporating what he learned from your camp into other sports. Thank you again to you and the entire staff for investing your time, knowledge, and experience in our boys. We appreciate you!”