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Rising Stars Football Academy, Formerly Ron’s Rising Stars, is a Non-Contact Football Camp for Football Players who play at the High School Varsity/JV, Freshman, Junior High, and Midget Football Levels, All Players Ages 8-18. Our Participants are split into divisions based on their level of play. Rising Stars Football Academy is Owned and Directed by Former Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Ron Johnson.

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Some people make comments on preseason games and say they are a waste of time. Some people make comments on players who are not household names. They want to see the starters, the pro bowlers. They want to see the games that “matter” and for the regular season to just start.

Every single game matters, preseason or regular season. There are a lot of guys fighting for a spot on the roster. These guys are fighting for a spot on the depth chart in their positions and fighting for a spot on special teams.

864 guys will get that call over the next 2 days. Some guys will still have an opportunity and get traded to another team off waivers, some guys will get a chance on the practice squad, some guys realeased or waived on injuries.

There are undrafted rookie free agents on every roster. Guys who had to work hard to get noticed, guys who gave it everything they had just to get the opportunity to play on Sundays. Guys who didn’t backdown to anyone and wanted to prove that they belong at the highest level. Out work, out hustle, out play. Push until you have nothing left in your tank.

This is a business. Whether their careers carry on and they get another chance to play somewhere else or in another league…..What is your plan B?

Some guys get an opportunity to play 1 year, 2-3 years, 5 years+. Understand that 10-15-20 year careers are highly highly unrealistic. The average lifespan of an NFL Player is still only 3.5 years.
NFL (Not For Long) What is your plan B and what will you fall back on? What is your 2nd professional career that you will move on to?

This is why we (Rising Stars Football Academy) stress the importance of education, leadership, and student-athlete development to our student athletes and all of our combine and camp participants.

Are you doing the right things in the classroom, are you being a leader on and off the field. Are you working hard to get opportunities in all aspects of life? No matter how far your football career takes you in college or beyond…..Are you ready for life after football?

We are more than football.

We wish the best to all players this season at all levels.


Good Luck this season to all of the RSFA Camp and Combine Participants! You put the work in all year, now cash in on it. Go hard and give it everything you got. GO GET IT! ...

Good Luck to the 2022 RSFA Student-Athlete Coaches and Guest Speakers this season! It’s your time💪🏿🙌🏿 Beau Pribula Penn State U
Cade Pribula Sacred Heart U
Ricky Cole Southern Methodist U
Isaiah Sturgis St. Francis U
Jack Smith Sacred Heart U
Mekhi Alexander Millersville U
Anthony Butler Millersville U
Chase Alasauckas Millersville U
Brandon George Pitt U
Randy Fizer Wagner U

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Special thanks to Earth Fed Muscle for making sure our athletes stayed energized this week with their excellent protein bars! ...

Special thanks to WellSpan for making sure our athletes stayed healthy this week! Special thanks to John and Juliana for their time and excellent skills on the sidelines. ...