Safety Statement

Rising Stars Football Academy


Over the past year, our student-athletes have shown flexibility by adapting to all of the changes regarding their academics and sporting activities due to the pandemic. Their resilience has shined as their seasons were limited and schools and weight rooms were shut down. Our student-athletes are strong, motivated, and can push through the toughest of times. It is our belief that we can provide a safe environment at our camps and combines during this pandemic by adhering to all the PIAA rules and regulations “return to play” policies.

Changes to expect at our 2021 Millersville University Camp

Daily symptom questionnaire/ temperature checks

By now, all athletes are accustomed to completing a daily symptom questionnaire and temperature check prior to weight room workouts and other activities. Each morning before entering the dining hall, resident campers will speak with our trainers to complete the symptom questionnaire and also have their temperature checked with the laser scanners. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be sent back to their dorm room and their parents will be called immediately.

Commuter campers will also visit our medical tent each day upon arrival. They will be met by our trainers and must answer all questions on the symptom questionnaire and get their temperatures checked as well. A camper’s parents will be contacted immediately if they are displaying any symptoms.

The Villages Resident Halls 

Each unit is split into two separate rooms with each side having 2 beds and 2 bathrooms, accommodating 4 campers total. Because of social distancing, there will now only be 2 campers per unit, so each camper will have their own room and their own bathroom. This is helping to minimize small gatherings in the residence halls and reduce the chance of infection.

Gordinier Dining Hall

Upon entering the dining hall, campers will wash their hands and sanitize accordingly. Campers will be spread out to accommodate social distancing rules. There will be no more than 4 people at a table in the dining hall. Campers will wear their mask at all times and can only take them off while sitting at the table to eat. Once a camper leaves the table they must wear their mask while walking around.

Evening Student-Athlete Development Workshops/ Seminars

McComsey Hall, Myers Auditorium

Campers must keep their mask on throughout the duration of time that we are in the auditorium. Campers will be spread out in the auditorium to accommodate social distancing rules.

Practice Sessions

Campers must wear their mask on their way to and from practice. Our campers wear their helmets throughout the duration of practice, so they do not need to wear their mask while competing. Campers must have their mask with them so they can easily access them if needed. We will continue to follow the PIAA guidelines and will update any changes in policies closer to camp.

Water Stations

RSFA Trainers will provide water throughout the duration of each practice session. Water and Gatorade will be given out at each water station to avoid large gatherings. Water bottles will not be permitted. We will have multiple coolers at each station in which our trainers will pass out water and Gatorade to each camper.

In an ideal year, we would not have to go through all of these precautions, but our priority is for the health and safety of all of our campers, coaches, and staff. We appreciate your patience and we will update these procedures closer to camp.

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