What People Are Saying

Ben A.

So as a first time attendee @risingstars football camp, my two sons had a fantastic experience. The time and effort, the patience demonstrated at every level, the great staff. What resonated the most with myself was the amount of attention to the CHARACTER in which is needed to be a great student athlete. Off the field behavior towards parents, friends, teachers and fellow students and also teammates. The advise and encouragement to be a successful human and athlete starts off the Field. Ron spoke about the importance of being courteous and respectful to all staff from the Food and service to the janitorial team I enjoyed the life Principals that was so paramount in this camp!!!! Looking forward to the years coming!

Jermaine E.

RSA has been my sons most favorite camp! A lot of people think to sports camps as just focusing on the sport or athletics, however RSA goes beyond that to include academics and being a great student athlete!

Jerome S.

My son had and amazing time at the Millersville camp looking forward to going back next year Learned how to be a better player on the field but most importantly learned how to be a better player off the field

Noel S.

My son attended this camp before and he loved everything about it. Mr. Ron Johnson has done a phenomenal job with getting great coaches to develop these athletes on and off the field. If you want your son to develop properly, Rising Stars Football Academy will do that.

Molly and Brian B.

Coach Johnson,

I just wanted to express gratitude to you and your staff for all your hard work in preparing for the camp, coaching the boys, and feeding their minds and bodies with the knowledge that will make them not only better athletes, but better young men.

My son Liam, was a commuter camper, but talked a lot about what he learned during the day.  He is an introvert, but athletics has always been his way to break out of his shell for a bit.  During this camp experience, Liam came home motivated every night.  When he got home each evening, he’d either go grab his football and head to the back yard, or he’d grab his lacrosse stick and try some of the football defensive footwork/moves as a lacrosse player.  I love that he’s not a one-sport kid and that he’s incorporating what he learned from your camp into other sports.

Thank you again to you and the entire staff for investing your time, knowledge, and experience in our boys.  We appreciate you!